We are a non-religious wellness community that meets IRL & virtually
to connect and experience the expansive power of breath.

The BreathChurch Community: 

Some tune in to gain access to improved energy and focus, others to reconnect with their nervous system & boost immunity while others join to unpack emotions and heal. We have a rotating cast of expert breath teachers each event. We’ve found that breath in isolation is powerful, but as a collective, our breath is boundless.

Our BreathChurch toolkit is simple: 
breath and sound – but not like you’ll hear it anywhere else

It’s an intense time for many of us and nothing is “normal”. This is a defining moment of change and we are each being asked to pause, look at our lies with new perspectives and honor the interconnectedness of all life. 

There’s a lot to feel right now, especially with so many of our distractions and numbing agents stripped away. Suddenly, we’re being asked to BE with ourselves in a new way. 

Each day I ask myself and my body – “How can I best support you today? How do you want to feel?” Then I try to do ONE thing that will help me feel that way. Usually it starts with a few big, deep breaths. 

Our breath is our lifeline. It is profoundly connected to our brain and body. However, while, we’ve all been breathing since we were born – do we really know how to breathe? More often than not the answer is yes, but the truth is – probably not. A half a billion breaths later I want to help you see, think & feel the benefits of breathwork. Our breath can influence our mood, memory, our physiology and so much more. Anywhere. Anytime.


Hi, I’m Sage Rader. Breath is my medicine and the medicine I share with the community. I am a breath worker, recording artist/producer, violinist, published poet and biohacker. I have been featured on BBC, PBS, ITV (UK), Sirius/XM and in competition for the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival. 

After a devastating workplace injury landed me in bed for more than a year, I utilized breathwork, biohacking and the epigenetics of belief to lose 130lbs, rebuild my brain and body at a cellular level and thrive with severe chronic pain – all without opioids.

In NYC, I’ve had the privilege of working one on one with celebrities, doctors and CEOs as well as first responders, local politicians and folks in chronic pain around Appalachia.

My mission is to generate and promote a lifestyle of breath-based wellness to relieve the pain epidemic driving the opioid epidemic. If you’re interested in learning more about breath for chronic pain, Neuroacrobatics™ was founded upon a mission, mindset, and methodology to help. 

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I’m working on some new music for my Guided Medications release & Breath Church in Insight Timer on 11/26 at 12pm EST. SO excited to see you there